Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Hardly Exhaustive But Still Interesting Look at the Differences Between the Infinite Jest Galleys and First Printing

Ever since I read that there were, to quote Wallace, “712,000” typos in the proofs of Infinite Jest, I’ve wanted to get my hands on one of the advance galley copies to see these typos for myself. After obtaining one of these ARCs, I realized that the error-ridden version Wallace had been talking about was pre-galleys, and that the ones sent out to reviewers had “all but one of the mistakes” corrected.

But after some comparison I discovered that while the putative lone error was corrected—the galleys were accompanied by a piece of Little, Brown stationary on which was printed one erratum—there were plenty of other mistakes corrected for the hardcover release, as well as, more interestingly, changes made for what seemed to be purely aesthetic reasons. Wallace had clearly worked on the book between the advance galleys and the hardcover release. Therefore it’s tempting to look at the galleys as a kind of penultimate draft, and it seemed that making note of some of these changes would be worthwhile.

A couple-three caveats: 1) These are not substantial changes. Most of the changes are an omission or addition of a mere word, or even punctuation mark. There are no huge new paragraphs added or deleted or anything like that. The galleys are still 1,079 pages long.

2) The reason that this is “hardly exhaustive” is that not every word was checked for corresponding placement in the hardcover release. That would’ve probably induced more painful neck strain than watching 45 straight hours of competitive ping-pong. Instead, I’m comparing the last word (or syllable) of the last line of every paragraph. If the two are different, I’m backtracking and seeing what addition/omission/emendation caused the difference. This process is viable only because Little, Brown has kept Infinite Jest remarkably well-preserved with each new edition, i.e. there are no weird editions with slightly bigger/smaller fonts, different pagination, etc. But there could conceivably be changes within a paragraph that are so slight that the spacing is kept intact enough that my method would fail to notice these changes. Also, I’m not going to note every single change I come across, as some of them are as trivial as literally changing a comma. (e.g., pg. 80: “Schtitt can use the stem of the pipe to point, for emphasis: ‘But what then when something is in the way, when you go between places, no?’” There was a comma after “way” in the galleys, no comma in the hardcover.)

Even omitting these tiniest of changes, a lot of the following notes will perhaps be rather dry and only of interest to hardcore Infinite Jest fans and/or grammar/syntax nerds. With that said, they are not, I think, without value.

Guide to interpreting this stuff:
Everything in plain black text is both in the galleys and in the hardcover.
Everything in red is material in the galleys that isn’t in the hardcover.
Everything bold with a strikethrough is in the hardcover but not present in the galleys.

And also Nb: There were additional changes between the hardcover and paperback; I’m just comparing the galleys to the hardcover.

pg. 5: The two other Deans, black, look to the Director of Composition.

pg. 13: …to the trio of Deans, who variously gasp, wipe foreheads, wring hands, loosen neckties, waggle digits in C.T.’s face, and make pases with sheafs of now-pretty-clearly-superfluous application forms.

pg. 20: A counselor, Randi, with an i, with a mustache like a Mountie, had said told him in the outpatient treatment program he’d gone through two years ago that he seemed insufficiently committed to the course of action that would be required to remove substances from his lifestyle.

pg. 32: Mario thrashed and sat up in bed, a small hunched shape with a big round head against the gray light of the window.

pg. 41: ‘Mario, we’re you and I are mysterious to each other.

pg. 43: He already has a mustache of sweat.

pg. 45: The whole thing makes Orin sick in the morning.

pg. 49: Orin also shaves in the shower, face red with heat, wreathed in steam, by feel, shaving upward, with south-to-north strokes, as he was taught.

pg. 51: E.T.A.’s hilltop grounds are easily traversable by tunnel.

pg. 52: …though the P.R.’s in full legit operation only when the Lung is up, usually like November–March.

            When the courts’ Lung is down and stored, Hal will descend…and activate just one of the big exhaust fans and get secretly high and exhale palely through its blades into the vent…

pg.52/53: Recreational drugs are more or less traditional at any U.S. secondary school, maybe for because of the unprecedented tensions: post-latency and puberty and angst and impending adulthood, etc.

pg. 54: This obsession is almost irresistible in its force.

pg. 58: …in a stunning hardwood-with-ivory-inlay chest of drawers in the living room, where over 90% of upscale people’s good silver is always hidden…

pg. 61: I am coming to see more that the sensation of the worst nightmares…

pg. 62: …your disk of white light trembling like the moon on water as it plays over the identical bureaus…

pg. 67: Some of the more marginal players start in as early as say maybe twelve, I’m sorry to say, particularly ‘drines before matches and the enkephaline after…

pg. 70: ‘I took a hundred-ten Parnate, about thirty Lithonate capsules, some old Zoloft. I smoked some pot and took everything I had in the world.’

pg. 71: Had she ceased to feel like as though her life had meaning to it.

pg. 77: The doctor was not even pretending to try to transcribe this. The young woman’s face and eyes were going through a number of ranges of affective configurations, with all of them seeming inexplicably at gut-level somehow blank and maybe not entirely sincere.

pg. 84: You seek to vanquish and transcend the limited self whose limits make the game possible in the first place.

pg. 86: The air conditioner’s cord is thick and white and leads into a three-prong wall-outlet with black heel-marks on the wall all around it.

pg. 93: Move south, calmly and in all haste, toward some border metropolis — Rome NNY or Glens Falls NNY or Beverly MA…

pg. 105: ‘They say it’s a great and maybe even timeless love, Rod Tine’s for your nation’s Luria person.’

pg. 106: ‘It’s the reason most of us think he’s still there, why he’s still got President Gentle’s ear.

pg. 111: Arslanian always has a queer faint hot-doggish smell about him.

pg. 126: …this really may be a could be some sort of game for you and the F.L.Q., to hold out the promise of the ant-Entertainment as a chip for concessions.


pg. 129: …by the email place and she was shes’ dopesick having a conversession with Eckwus…

pg. 130: And but so but back we go to the Brighton Projects…

pg. 131: …and thru a fucked up circumstance circumstances yrstruly and C almost end up raping an a older type nurse in a white nurses’ uniform…

pg. 133: …and Wo smiling says he asks C if weve’ seen goodold Poor Tony or Susan T. Cheese around we crewed crew with Poor Tony in boosting life did we not he said.

pg. 136: ‘I’ve actually been thinking of maneuvering for the whole Kleenex concession at E.T.A., as a venture.

pg. 139: You will note in block #11 of the accident reporting form that I weigh 75 320 kg.

pg. 140: …I again lost my presence of mind and unfortunately let go of the rope, causing the bar—barrel to begin a

pg. 147: (2) And the videophonic stress was even worse if you were at all vain. I.e. if you worried at all about how you looked. As in to other people. Which all kidding aside who doesn’t. Worry. Good old aural telephone calls could be fielded without makeup, toupee, surgical protheses, etc.

pg. 148: …then outright demanding videophone masks that were really quite a lot better-looking than they themselves were in person, even under really flattering light.

pg. 153: …and Pemulis and Axford do not object to the filming, or nor do they even do that hand-to-temple face obscuring thing when he aims the head-mounted Bolex their way…

pg. 161: Your chin just disappears into that bow-tie when your mother’s big old overhung lower lip quivers like that.

pg. 165: …and I felt it singing, and my hand, and they were alive, my well-armed hand was the dutiful secretary of my mind…

pg. 171: ‘Mmmyellow Mmyellow.’

pg. 173: Urban jogging in a sweaty pack is painful and tedious.

pg. 174: Expect some rough dreams. They come with the feral territory.

pg. 175/176: …this is all if as long as you keep justifying your seed and preserving your rank…

pg. 176: This is why the whole thing is frightening scary. This is why all opponents are scary and weaker opponents are especially scary.

pg. 178: The pathetic homophobic harassments of Minty and McDade are bad enough.

pg. 183: ‘Like most marriages, it theirs was the evolved product of concordance and compromise.’

pg. 184: Ratings are minor-league by the old pre-InterLace broadcast standards of yore…

pg. 186: Topside on the roof in the bitter river wind…

pg. 200: That you can cop a sort of thin jittery amphetaminic buzz if you rapidly consume three Millennial Fizzies and a whole package of Oreo cookies on an empty stomach.

pg. 203: That sometimes human beings have to just sit in one place and, like, hurt.

pg. 207: A like N.B. that Ewell ends up inserting under the heading Biker is that every professional tattooist everybody who can remember getting their tattoos remembers getting them from was, from the sound of everybody’s general descriptions, a Biker.

pg. 208: …the inevitable fade that over time’s turned the tattoos a kind of nauseous dark-green she now has to constantly apply eyeliner to cover up.

pg. 210: …but yet the fellow transcends even stoic regret by dressing and carrying himself as if the word simply weren’t wasn’t there…

pg. 212: Pemulis’s derisive snort sounds like the letter K.

pg. 219: …where they’ve walked to gather gear and various spare rotator-cuff- and knee-appliances…

pg. 220: Among pernicious myths is the one where people always get very upbeat and generous and other-directed right before they eliminate their own map for keeps.

pg. 243: The sunlight’s the color of the bronze.

pg. 248: I’m like your superstitious tackle and center lineman.

pg. 249: It was something I remember Joelle was real specific about.

pg. 257: ‘Hallie, Let let me just ask and then I’ll never bring it back up for you again.

pg. 259: Each year the academy that loses the meet has to get up on tables at the buffet supper and dance afterward and sing a really silly song.

pg. 260: He’ll probe, pecking, until some wild angle opens up.

pg. 261: He comes around the side of the bounced ball’s second ascent the way you come up around the side of somebody you’re going to hurt, and he has to leave his feet and half-pirouette to get his side to the ball and whip his big right arm through it, catching it on the rise and slapping it down the line past the Port Washington boy, who’s played the percentages and followed a beauty of a lob up to net. Wayne’s half-pirouette in the middle of a sprint leaves his stumbling backward into the protective tarp hanging behind him in a way that makes Tavis up above behind glass bite his knuckle. The Port Washington kid applauds with the heel of his hand against his strings in acknowledgment of a really nice get, even as he looks up at Port Washington’s coaching staff in the gallery.

pg. 267: …the guy’s backhand is always sliced and lands badly shallow.

pg. 277: …and then he always wants to walk back home to the House solo afterward, which is not encouraged.

pg. 279: Randy Lenz has issues with Geoffrey Day because Day is glib and a teacher at a journal’s Scholarly Journal’s hem.

pg. 283: …but a prorector’s job was only for maybe at most a few years…

pg. 289: …watching the autosprinklers and the dawn Pep Squad (which really did practice at dawn) practices…

pg. 291: The Coach finally actually grabbed Orin’s facemask and pointed to the mouth of the field’s southern tunnel.

            …i.e. almost nothing important that ever happens to you happens because you engineered engineer it.

pg. 293: Consider that a football field is basically just a grass tennis court tugged unnaturally long…

pg. 294: …seemed to begin somehow directing her glittering sideline routines at Orin in particular.

pg. 303: He’d naïvely assumed that going mad meant you were not aware of going mad; he’d naïvely pictured madmen as forever laughing.

pg. 308: Troeltsch, who approaches his twice-a-week duties with all possible verve, will say he feels like the most hardest thing about his intercom-broadcasts is keeping things from getting repetitive as he goes through long lists of who beat whom and by how much.

pg. 311: …they’d always veer wildly and leave shoulderless I-87 and put their arm over their head in that screaming pre-crash way and go ass-over-teakettle into an Adirondack chasm…

pg. 317: …months before Hal tested out at Whatever’s Beyond Eidetic on the Mnemonic Verbal Inventory designed by a dear and trusted colleague of the Moms at Brandeis.

pg. 320: The without-end pursuit of a happiness of which someone let you forget the old things which made happiness possible.

pg. 321: The moon over the Mountains of Rincon was on its side, its color was the color of a fat man’s face.

‘Ah yes, but then you say: No?’ Steeply said. ‘No? you say, not children? You say: What is the difference, please, if you make a recorded pleasure so entertaining and diverting it is lethal to persons…

pg. 328: An AMNAT Minuteman can hold an absolute maximum of eight MIRVs irregardless of whether the titanic jockstrap little LaMont Chu promoted out of the sedated Teddy Schacht’s gear bag on the bus Friday night can hold thirteen dead tennis balls or not.

pg. 329: Hal Incandenza is squeezing a tennis ball and leaning too far to starboard to spit into a NASA glass on the ground…

pg. 332: Hal and Axford are passing what looks to the Combatants like a suckerless Tootsy-Pop Tootsie-Roll stick back and forth between them, and occasionally to Troeltsch.

pg. 344: On this coming Friday night, a small horde of White Flaggers will drive out to Concord to put on a reciprocal Commitment for the Advanced Basics Group.

pg. 349: …it turns out this same resigned, miserable, brainwash-and-exploit-me-if-that’s-what-it-takes-type desperation was the has been the jumping-off place for just about every AA you meet…

            …but Gately couldn’t for the life of him figure out how just sitting on hemorrhoid-hostile folding chairs every night looking at nose-pores and listening to clichés could work.

pg. 359: Just one more last nice day. Just one cold one.

pg. 370: Crocodiles’ temple-veins will actually stand out and pulse with irritation if you start trying to blame you addiction Disease on some cause or another…

pg. 386: The thing about this Marlon was that he was always wet. Arms purling, tee T-shirt darkly V’d, face and forehead ever gleaming.


pg. 410: …whereas by late July everybody else’s attitude toward Clipperton resembled that kind of stiffly conspicuous nonrecognition that e.g. accompanies farts at formal functions.

pg. 424: ‘But there you go, but this question itself shows how out different types of national character part ways from each other, Rémy.

pg. 426: Whoever’s willing to put up his money where his hunger is gets the dead guy’s soup.

pg. 429: Now Steeply had his pack out of Flanderfumes cigarettes and his finger of pinkie in the pack’s hole, evidently trying to gauge how many were left.

pg. 430: You know there can be no forcing to watch something a thing.

            …if you do not fear so many U.S.A.s cannot make the enlightened choices?’

pg. 431: …and would stand there expressionless and receive his outsized first-place trophy amid witheringly slight and scattered applause…

            …in Clipperton’s eighteenth summer, of Subsidized Time, the adverted year, the Year of the Whopper…

pg. 437: …and she spends her massive blocks of free time in her Comm.-Ad. office doing involved acrostics…

pg. 440: …the Cabinet Room’s conference table seems to ascend ever so slightly as Luria P—— crosses legs and cocks a well-pencilled eye-brow.

pg. 449: Ten-plus years have gone like that.

pg. 451: So the best E.T.A. players’ special perk is they get hauled out of bed at dawn, still crusty-eyed and pale with sleep, to drill in the first shift.

pg. 453: Except during period of disciplinary conditioning, Ball-Hopper-Srand alfresco A.M. drills work like this.

pg. 460: …and tries to get to the side of, to see if whether deLint has a true z coordinate or is just a cutout or projection.

pg. 462: This was not the only Loss Don Gately incurred as his chemical careers moved toward their life-reversing end climax.

pg. 465: …Pamela Hoffman-Jeep used to scream in the can bathroom when she used.

pg. 466: If he did the right things, and kept doing them for long enough, what Gately thought and believed would magically change.

pg. 474/475: For Steeply’s most effective interviewing tactic was this long looking down into the face from across this shelf without emotion of any kind.

pg. 482: …keenly interested in weapons and ammunitions of all the different sorts.

pg. 496: My father also said, ‘Fucking son of a . . .’

pg. 502: The round knob and half its interior hex bolt fell off and hit my room’s wooden floor with a loud noise and began then to roll in a remarkable way…

pg. 506: …which meant he was now holding Erdedy off the ground with just one hand…

pg. 507: ‘I couldn’t even stand to be in the same room, to see him like that.

pg. 515: Hal has no idea what it signified might signify that the Headmaster’s summons hasn’t come for almost 48 hours.

pg. 530: ‘For Whereas your type’s a man of only actions, ends,’ Steeply said, with Marathe could not tell whether irony or maybe not.

pg. 534: ‘But Don you’re still a human being, you still want to live, you crave connection and society…

pg. 535: …you smile so wide it hurts and put out your hand and are extra gregarious and outgoing and exert yourself to appear like totally unaware of the facial struggles of people who are trying not to wince…

              ‘Well I’ve got a brand-new life, just out of the wrapper, which they you all say’ll take some time to fit.’

pg. 567: And about contempt, it is about a kind of hatred, too, along with the hope and need.

pg. 570: ‘But my whole message to Boog was that DT-cycles aren’t even all that fucking hard if you don’t paralyze your brain with career-with-wings brain-cartoons.

pg. 590: Mario loves Hal so much it makes his heart beat hard.

              He’ll sometimes walk around the grounds of the Enfield Marine P.H.H. at the bottom of the hill’s east side because they’re pretty much enclosed, the grounds are, and he knows a couple of the E.M. Security officers…

pg. 607: ‘You think we need to take you over to St. E’s to get the diver your intestine looked at, Doon, do you think?’

pg. 609: It’s the Bulldog Item that holds the attention.

pg. 611: Thin keen cold air in his wide-open nose. Motionless heads at #5’s windows. The DP objay that sits slumped by the viewer.

pg. 622/623: …the grad-work-study engineer of M.I.T.’s WYYY-109 lies bare-chested on a silvery NASA-souvenir space blanket, supine and cruciform at about the angle of a living-room recliner on the Public Gardens’ far hillside.

pg. 627: Stice, oblivious, bites into his sandwich like it’s the wrist of an assailant.

pg. 644: Where they’d gone, where they were, what it all augured.

pg. 646: Steeply’s shadow on the shelf was squat and blunt, already shorter than the living figure of Steeply himself, who was leaning outward to try to find a spot far below to litter with a crumpled Belgian packing with one prayed no more finally to smoke.
               ‘About the samizdat Entertainment of now.’

pg. 649: Day hasn’t switched legs or moved, and he isn’t looking at her ear or her scalp, that which are in view.

pg. 658: Stice drove this backhand hard down the line to Hal’s forehand, a blazing thing that made the audience inhale, but as the samizdat’s director’s other son glided a few strides left Steeply could see that he now had a whole open court to hit cross-court into…

pg. 660: What if the boy wants to chat with me about the his brother’s transition from tennis to football?’

               To have it stay the way it was when they started, the game as something bigger, at first.

pg. 661/662: Hal chipped his balls over to Stice’s side out along the baseline and made some small adjustments in his cross-hatched strings as he walked around for the side-change.

pg. 666: Because the prorectors live in rooms off the larger tunnels, and F.D.V. Harde’s Physical Plant and Grounds Maintenance guys have their offices and supplies down here…

pg. 675: ‘Very well then look:’ she said (Poutrincourt did, in Québecois)…

pg. 679: DeLint ignored him. ‘It’s not just the strengths or the number of strengths. It’s do they come together to make a complete game. How complete is a kid. Has he got a game. Those kids at lunch you got to meet.’

pg. 687: …his expression neutral, watching some old cartridges of his late father’s entertainments.

pg. 692/693: It’s a kind of emotional novocaine, this form of depression, and while it’s not overtly painful its deadness is disconcerting and . . . well, depressing.

pg. 699: The A Negative thing about opting for recovery in NA instead of AA is availability and location of meetings.

pg. 700: The two move in and out of pyramids cones of epileptic light from fluttering streetlamps.

pg. 704: That queer faint smell of hot dogs that seems to follow Idris Arslanian around begins to insinuate itself into the room’s colognes.

pg. 710: This always happens when you don’t expect it, when it’s a meeting you have to drag yourself to and are all but sure will suck.

pg. 713: They stare at each other for countless frames, the office wall behind them cruciformly pale from where the unnamed object’d hung.

pg. 725: Thus, he said, now the more arduous and risky task of taking for technical interview known persons associated with the Entertainment and locating the original maker’s duplicable Master copy.

pg. 734: Marathe sat calmly behind the veil, feeling the veil move with the man’s breath, waiting patiently to exhale inhale.

pg. 737: The children’s name for their mother was ‘the Moms.’ As if there were more than one of her.

pg. 749: Her yellow head was inside the cabinet, with an arm.

pg. 751: The authority figure liked to comb at the bright hair with her claw of the deformed hand.

pg. 753: He pretended that it was necessary to sniff.

pg. 758: ‘I was going to just whip right over into the showers, but the locker room’s got this, like, odor.’

pg. 759: Van Vleck at lunch said he yesterday saw Pemulis and Hal coming out of Tavis’s office with the Association urine-guy holding them both by the ear.

pg. 765: [NOTE: This is a very unusual error, probably a completely random typescript mistake (was there a search and replace “afr” with “A.F.R.”?) but it has obvious allusive frisson:]

               ‘There are, apparently, persons who are deeply A.F.R.aid afraid of their own emotions, particularly the painful ones. Grief, regret, sadness. Sadness especially, perhaps. Dolores describes these persons as A.F.R.aid afraid of obliteration, emotional engulfment.

pg. 779: ‘There was the trouble of the digestive tracking. There were seizures also.

pg. 783: And meanwhile here’s this Moment lady lumbering around looking for family linen.’

pg. 794: —That it had been at this point that Madame Psychosis’s mother’s fork and then whole plate had clattered to the floor below

pg. 802: The stuff spreads through the hot little room like melted butter, and Hal sinks lower in the hard orange chair and looks hard at the space-and-spacecraft emblem on his NASA glass.

pg. 812: I began to learn that one could perspire heavily even in a bitterly cold open-air disused dugout.

pg. 843: And are you as yet sober, then?’ the Crocodile smiles says coolly, disappearing and then not reappearing after several blinks.

pg. 845: …marring the statistics of Brullîme’s field-experiment to such an the extent of badly that M. Fortier was forced to consider whether to follow Brullîme to conduct a lethal technical interview of the wigged substitute of digits for reasons of anger only.

pg. 851: There were to be no classes all weekend.

pg. 855: The last and pretty much only man Joelle ever let herself admire in a romantic way left her after her mother had accidentally thrown acid at her, had left and wouldn’t even face up to why…

pg. 861/862: ‘And this right here’s a mule called Chet that could jump the fence and used to get at everybody’s flowers out along Route 45 till til Daddy had to put him down.

pg. 869: I thought how I’d just set and watch the snow a little and settle on down and then go grab some sack down in the V.R.’

pg. 898: The Mom’s full name is Avril Mondragon Tavis Incandenza, Ed.D., Ph.D.

pg. 900: Simply imagining the total number of times my chest will rise and fall and rise.

pg. 901: He did this sort of thing with some frequency. A periodic binge drinker. [Note: this is referring to Avril’s dad.]

pg. 902: I was now part of the meat in the room’s sandwich.

pg. 907: The Wholly Mammoth Petropulator was Petropolis Kahn.

pg. 928: Except of course she’s taken the wager backwards, i.e. O’Shay thinks Eighties Bill’s now got 125K on Yale coming with two points…

pg. 941: And now if you want the thing—he’d enjoy the joke very much, I think. Oh shit yes very much.’

pg. 955: Himself told Orin he wasn’t going to forbid them from to watching the thing if they really wanted to.

pg. 969: …sticking one’s hand way out and crying ‘Touch me, just touch me, please’ was some kind of new-stem-type argot for ‘Lay some change on me,’…

pg. 971: There were some green and distorted faces through the glass’s side’s steam.

pg. 972: An R.N. felt his forehead and yanked her hand back with a yelp.

pg. 981: When And when he came back to, he was flat on his back on the beach in the freezing sand, and it was raining out of a low sky, and the tide was way out.

          [NOTE: the galleys does not have the quarter circle in the bottom right corner of the page.]

pg. 996, note 64: …and that none of the classes—including the potentially lightweight astronomy and music—were in fact lightweight…

pg. 1003, note 94: …the prorectors are kind of repellent the way hideously old people are repellent, reminding the students of the kind of low-prestige, kind of purgatorial fate that awaits the marginal and low-ranked jr. player…

pg. 1006: It goes without saying that you are of course wearing your halo and mouth-guard at all appropriate times and eating at least one green, leafy vegetable per day.

pg. 1012: He’s got C.T. seeing this place as a sort of cuirass prophylactic against commercial attention.

pg. 1014: …just to watch the Moms’s lips disappear when she comes in the office and sees it.’

               ‘It’s this certain way she takes notes on your explanation of Coffin-Corner kicks punts.’

pg. 1016: You have to place above a certain percentile to get her to let you X her on the floor of the nursery right next to the plaid-sided bassinet?

pg. 1026: …and in whose case he’d also taken a special interest and had followed…

      Note 142: The speaker doesn’t actually use the terms…

pg. 1032, Note 178: A more abstract but truer epigram that White Flaggers with a little lot of sober time sometimes change this to goes something like: ‘Don’t worry about getting in touch with your feelings, they’ll get in touch with you.’

              Note 180: Although Mario hadn’t had any idea M.P.’d used a screen, on-air.

pg. 1040: …all the while having to keep up a front of laissez-fair laid-back management where she lets pretends to let Mario go his own way and do his own thing.’

pg. 1042: The machine diesels a little and farts some blue smoke.

pg. 1043: But consider the fragility of the obsesso-compulsive’s control.

pg. 1044, Note 234: …finally it was Mr. Reehagen next door, who was so-called “friends” with her, who finally had to come out and over and finally had to hook up the hose.’

           Note 242: …held only by some prorector with a firm grip on the back of his lock’s vest…

pg. 1047: (3c) I cannot help you too much with the facts surrounding Dr. Incandenza’s suicide. I know that he erased his own cartography in a grisly way. I know that his youngest son Hal found the body, and that there were traumas surrounding that discovery which Orin believes have not even been acknowledged, much less resolved.

pg. 1051: …but seemed almost too unconditionally loving and compassionate and selfless to possibly be true.

pg. 1054, Note 292: Relevant gnomes here might include ‘Addicts Don’t Have Relationships, They Take Hostages’ (sic) and ‘An Alcoholic Is a Relief-Seeking Missile,’ plus the term for newcomer-involvement, 13t h-Stepping, which in Boston AA is regarded as a dark amalgam of the First and Twelfth Steps: something like ‘My Life Is Unmanageable And I’d Like to Share It With You.’ And so on.

pg. 1064: ‘I mean to maybe make a decision.

pg. 1066, Note 321: ‘Sometimes you don’t listen very real well, Hallie.

pg. 1070: Possalthwaite had taken his face from his hands and was staring stonily up somewhere past Pemulis, lips moving in the habitual sucking reflex for which he took so much guff.

pg. 1075: DeLint looked a little less happy because he clearly didn’t know what any of it was about and didn’t like being playing coded messenger, but he still looked pretty happy…

pg. 1077, Note 360: A.k.a oxycodone hydrochloride w/ acetaminophen—®Du Pont—a C-III and sort of entry-level oral narcotic, the side-effects and inconsistent buzz of which often sends abusers up the ladder to C-II compounds.


  1. I think you would find it interesting to go through the two volume manuscript proof that precedes the one volume proof that you used. The Harry Ransom Center has Don Delillo's copy.

    1. I would definitely be interested in checking that out. Did not know Ransom Center had a copy....I keep praying one ends up on ebay :)

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